Flag Friday: South Korea


When you choose to name your blog after a nation’s favorite dish, it’s only fair you start with a post related to that country. So, to kick off Flag Friday: the colors of the flag of South Korea. As you can see, these colors are: white, black, red and blue.

The white and black can be found in a duo eyeshadow from Nars, named Pandora.


As you can see on the back of the box, I bought this in Korea (the script on the sticker is Korean). Korea is a great country for shopping, and when it comes to cosmetics, they know where it’s at. Drugstores, little shops with just one brand, big department stores, you name it, Seoul has got it. I also visited Daegu, which is in the south of South Korea, but shoppingwise, nothing beats Seoul.


The black eyeshadow is really pigmented and blends like a dream. The white one, I’m not a big fan of. Pigmentation isn’t that great and after blending, half of it is gone.

For the red, I choose a matte liquid lipstick from Sleek, named Rioja Red. Both pictures are taken in sunlight. First: just applied. Second: completely dry.

The same goes for the blue, an eyeliner by the brand Gosh. The color is number 10.

Both the lipcolor and the eyeliner stay put, no mather what. It took me quite some effort to remove these colors from my arm. Two cleansing oils and one micellar water later, all traces were gone.

Any flags you want to see next? Let me know in the comments!

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