Travel Tuesday: Shanghai


After visiting big and busy cities like Seoul and Taipei, I decided to take the leap and visit Shanghai. Busy? How about SUPERBUSY. As in impossible-to-move-in-subway-busy. Millions and millions of people live in this Chinese city, but millions and millions more visit the city. I mean, Tokyo is busy too, but nothing could have prepared me for the amount of people I saw in Shanghai. And the pollution of the air….

But nothing could have prepared me either for the huge amount of shoppingcenters, malls, restaurants, hotels, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, museums.

Shanghai really blew me away. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. In the week I spent there, I didn’t leave the city once.

Wonder what Beijing is like….

Cosmetics in China? You name it, Shanghai has it. They even have a huge Sephora. Specialty shops, luxury department stores, cheap, expensive. The sky really is the limit in Shanghai.

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