Throwback Thursday


It’s been a while since I used these products….

Like, at least 15 years.

First of all, an eyeshadow quartet by Chanel. I loved to apply the dark grey on the outer half of my eyelid. No blending, of course.


The inner half would get a serious layer of the white loose eyeshadow from Theatre. I wonder, was there ever some fallout?


Another favorite color combo was this silver and purple duo from Dior. Now that I look at this color, I think I might go and give the purple another try. It’s such a good color!


For lips, I was all about the greyish brown that rocked the 90’s. These two leftovers have about 6 brothers and sisters in the drawer that contains more stuff from this brand.

And last, but certainly not least, the cream concealer from Chanel. It was called Estompe, and the color looks like a total mismatch now. Nevertheless, this was my second one. I guess this pink one was a great match for my skintone back in the day (I’m NC25 now, NC20 when I’m really fair).


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