So, what’s the deal with kimchi?


Before visiting South Korea, I did some research on places to visit and food to try. Every article mentioned a side dish, called kimchi. It was described as: love it or hate it, Koreans eat this with everything, even breakfast, smells like ***, spicy, and so on.

So, the evening I arrived in Seoul, I rushed to a restaurant, dying to try this delicacy. As mentioned, I got it as a side dish. The actual dish was terrible; cold noodles in a jelly-like ice-cold soup that tasted like, well, it a was a combo of ‘nothing’ and ‘dishwasher-water’. But the kimchi, omg!

Ever since that trip to Korea, I’m on the hunt for the best kimchi. Japan has a great selection in their supermarkets, and markets or food courts also sell a great variety of kimchi. Canada and U.S. supermarkets sometimes have a little corner in the fridge, most of the time next to stuff like Japanese pickles. Europe is not a big fan yet. You can find kimchi in Asian supermarkets, or of course Korean restaurants.

Basically, it’s cabbage, fermented, in a sauce of chili, garlic, salt, onion, ginger. It also contains radish, leek, anchovy, shrimp (both fermented) and sesame.

So, are there more kimchi lovers out there?

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