Travel Tuesday


So, after blogging for a couple of weeks, I realise I have to make sure that, on my day off, I write two or three posts ahead, because on my working days, I don’t always have the time to post, or there is no good light for taking the pictures. So, once again, one day too late, but still: Travel Tuesday.

The first product is a stick from Nars, called The Multiple. As the name suggests, you can use this for a number of things. The one in the picture above is Luxor, and I use this one as a subtle highlight.


I own this product in 4 different shades, but only choose the ones that have a name from a place I visited.

Luxor is a place in Egypt, known for many things, but maybe the most well known is the tomb of Tutanchamon. I visited Egypt two times, the visit to Luxor was in summer and it was blazing hot.

The other Multiple I will show here, is Maldives. These beautiful islands are a must visit if you are looking for paradise.


Top: Maldives. Bottom: Luxor.

Then, two lipsticks, also from Nars. The first one is Niagara. On a trip to Toronto, I decided to join a tour to see the famous falls, and no regrets here. Simply stunning. The town of Niagara was a bit ‘mwa’ for me, very touristy and loud.


The other one is called Shanghai Express. Two weeks ago, I posted about my trip to Shanghai. In my opinion, this color is a perfect match.


Niagara is a coral, Shanghai Express a deep red.

Top: Shanghai Express. Bottom: Niagara.

Finally, an eyeshadow that goes by the name Kuala Lumpur. To be honest, not my favourite. The purple is okay, but the lighter shade lacks of pigmentation.

The city of Kuala Lumpur was a great one to visit. My most beloved memory:

the great, great food.

Any recommendations on products that have the name of a city or country?

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