One shade of grey


On my trip to Shanghai, I had a stopover at Kopenhagen Airport Kastrup. And what better way to kill all that time than shopping at Duty Free? Not because of the prices, but because you might just come across some gem that’s not for sale at home, or a special edition or packaging.

Not so much a special item, I regretted not buying this eyepencil over there. I swatched it, and thouht it was okay, but not outstanding. The next days, I found myself looking for this pencil everywhere in Shanghai, but of course, no shop sold it. The product I’m talking about is the Lancome Le Crayon Miracle in Lumière Defatigante, which translates into something like anti-tired lighting.

Last autumn, I was at the airport of Amsterdam, Schiphol. By surprise, I saw this pencil. I immediately knew I had to buy it. No regrets now! It gives you an instant wake me up-effect when used in the waterline.


As you can see in the swatch here, it’s really nothing special. But trust me, when used on your eyes, you know what I mean.

So tell me, is there anything you regret not buying and are on the hunt for ever since?

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