Brush away


At least once a week, I wash all the brushes I have used the past days. Most of the time, this means washing 15 to 25 brushes.


So, what do I use to apply all those colors?

This picture shows:

Morphe E3 for blush

Morphe M501 for highlight

Sigma E40 for blending eyeshadow

Mac 213 for eyeshadow

Zoeva 230 pencil brush

Sedona Lace EB09 for applying eyeshadow on the lid

Mac 224 for blending eyeshadow

Sigma E15 for smudging eyepencil just above the lashline


Morphe E36 for blending eyeshadow on the lower lashline

Mac 221 for precise blending in the crease

A mini sponge from W7 for concealer

Morphe E10 for cream eyeshadow

A spoon? I use the handle to mix foundation and a drop of oil

Morphe G37 for setting the undereye

Sephora for foundation

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