Hidden gem


When travelling, I don’t bring a lot of make-up. That is, because I know my suitcase is usually full of new things when I travel back home. The minute I arrive at the hotel, I drop my bags in the room and head to a drugstore. First of all, to buy some water, I always want a bottle or two in my room. Jetlag is a sucker, but jetlag without water is even worse. But second, to do a first scan of local drugstore aisles. I have spend so many hours browsing the aisles of drugstores and supermarkets, you might think it’s a touristy attraction to me. On special days, I might even find a store where they sell kimchi….

Anyway, the little make-up that I do bring from home, has to be a multi purpose kit. Apart from that, I try not to bring very expensive products, because if you look at the Before and After of your suitcase after flying, you know the amount of throwing and stumbling your baggage has to endure. I definitely don’t want a 55 dollar highlighter in my suitcase!

So on my trip to San Diego, I choose to bring this eyeshadow palette from Max Factor. It has some mattes, some shimmers, a good black. But boy, nice surprise when I applied the second one from the left. A gold, so stunning! I had this palette in my drawer for months, buy you know the drill when owning a lot: it gets in the back of a drawer, on the bottom of your make-up bag, or behind a big box, and you don’t use it for years.

So glad I found this gem in my collection. It’s best described as a vanilla kind of gold. Buttery soft. Pigmentation is great.


This is 02 Golden Nudes.

By the way, the first color is a bummer. Doesn’t show up at all.

Do you often find such a lost or undiscovered gem in your collection?

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