Skincare: Boscia


Finding the right cleanser for your face can be a pain; at least, it is to me. For years, the Mac cleansing oil tranquil was my holy grail, but lately, it tends to leave a bit of a film on my face. I switched to Shu Uemura, they sell great oils. The ones I tried: purple (brightening), pink (for oily skin) and Ultim8 (must-have!). But since Shu Uemura is not for sale at every corner, I decided to give another brand a go. I went for the Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil.


It has a bit of a spa-like smell to it, which I love. When rinsing, it kind of feels like there is still some residue, but after drying my face, it feels very clean and soft. Love it!

So, of course, I had to try another product from this brand. While browsing Sephora’s website, I came across the Detoxifying Black Cleanser.


When wearing foundation, I double-cleanse, using an oil and afterwards a cleanser like this one. On days when I skip foundation, I also skip the oil at night, and use only a cleanser like this, or an exfoliator.

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