Travel Tuesday: Japan


Isn’t this the cutest packaging ever? Bought this is a shop in Ueno, Tokyo. Every time I visit Tokyo, I go back to it, it carries so many brands. Last time I visited, I was hoping to get my hands on a Koh Gen Do foundation. I know I can order this online, but wanted to buy it in Japan. Got it, but also got this. (and a lot of other stuff, tax-free, right…)

It says it’s a Clear Smooth Powder. When swatching, I agree with ‘clear’, but when I use it on my face, the color is a little off. So I decided to use this as a setting powder on my eyelids, and it’s great for that purpose.

First, I use an eyeprimer or concealer on my lids, then, I set it with this product. Every time I do that, I hear I look really awake, rested. I guess that’s a good thing. Eyeshadows apply and blend really well when using this product, so to me, it’s a winner.

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