Flag Friday: Canada


Toronto is a great city. Niagara Falls are relatively close, surrounding places are also nice to visit, but none of these can beat the real deal. Toronto has so many things to like. The atmosphere is great, you get to meet people from so many different countries, the food is really good, and there’s a Sephora. What’s not to like?


The Canadian flag has white and red in it. The white is a pearly eyeshadow by MUA, color Oyster. The red is a lipstick from Makeup Revolution in the color Duel Matte. While I do wear red lipstick every now and then, this is not the one I tend to go for. That’s usually Ruby Woo by Mac. This one is a lot more creamy, and that’s a good thing, but not if you’re not used to wearing such a bold color. I mean, one glass of water and this bad boy is all over the glass, while Ruby Woo doesn’t budge. But like a good LBD, one can never own enough red lipsticks, right?

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