Lorac dupe?


Yesterday was a sunny day, so I had to swatch as many shiny products as possible. The rainy days of last week had meant bad photography, so had to take advantage of the good lighting now.

Makeup Revolution (left) has a possible dupe for Lorac’s Pro 2 palette (right).


Touching the shadows was enought information: you can’t beat the Lorac shadows. In the swatches, every color is next to its supposed dupe, first/left Lorac. This picture shows Charcoal and Black, and shows exactly how the shadows felt. Especially Black and its dupe really say it all. The Lorac swatch is an intense, deep black, while Makeup Revolution’s black is not opaque, and more of a grey. On to the next colors.


Plum and Navy.


Cool Gray and Nectar.


Buff and Lt Brown.


Beige and Snow.


Jade and Cocoa.

Chrome and Silver. Rosé and Mocha.

So, regarding the price, it’s a nice dupe, but to be honest, the quality is not comparable. Lorac’s shadows are so buttery soft and blend so so so good. But when using a good primer (all these swatches are without one), the Revolution shadows really aren’t that bad.

Any other dupes you would like to see?

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