Loose eyeshadow


While I’m not a big fan of loose eyeshadow, sometimes you come across a color you just have to buy, even though it’s a loose powder. When Alcone did have Cozzette eyeshadows, but Carnelian was sold out, the staff helped me find a product in that same super awesome red. Unfortunately, we did not find one, but one of the alternatives they showed me, was this red from La Femme Hollywood, number 32.


Can you even believe this? No primer, and just the tiniest touch, and this is the result. Such a good color, such an outstanding red.

Of course, I had to buy another one. I choose number 9.IMG_4373

Number 9 is gold, but with a hint of peach, just a tiny hint. Not gonna use this solely as an eyeshadow, I think it would be a waste not to try this as a highlight, too.

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