My favorite sunscreen


Just a quick shoutout to this holy grail: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid SPF 70.

Sunspots run in my family, and after years of covering myself in oil or, even worse, no sunscreen at all, I saw the light and started using some serious SPF. But most sunscreens don’t really do anything good for your foundation wear. Almost all sunscreens are too greasy, in my opinion. First, I used the Neutrogena Clear Face, but these days, I only go for that one in winter, when my skin is a little bit drier than summer. In summer, I go for this one. About 15 minutes after applying this sunscreen, my face doesn’t feel creamy anymore, so it’s ready for foundation. When I use this product, I always put it on the back of my hand before putting it on my face. The little residue on my hand seems to be a source of research, because my left hand really differs from the right one. So glad it probably makes the same difference to my face.

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