Highlighter dupes?


Always on the hunt for that perfect glow. But why are some so pricey?

Like so many of you, I have rediscovered Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm over and over again. Using it, loving it, forgetting about it and then, when rearranging my drawers, rediscovering it and loving it once again. I read that the W7 Glowcomotion might be a dupe for it. Let’s find out.


The W7 pan has more of a gold sheen, while the MLM pan seems to be more champagney.


In my opinion, these swatches show you there’s a price difference, or better, the quality is not the same. MLM really stands out, whereas W7 is a nice highlight, but can’t compete with its rival.


I also read about these two. Laura Geller Gilded Honey and Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 208.


Beautiful pans, outstanding shine.


Although not exactly the same color, I think both of these are really pretty.

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