Tacky Mask


I never really understood what everybody was talking about when they said a primer felt ‘tacky’. Until now!

When using a face mask, I always hate the process of removing it. My hair gets wet, the mask gets in my hairline and brows, and a few hours later, I discover a couple of places where I apparently forgot to take the mask off, like underneath my chin.

So that’s why I prefer sheet masks. This is the Tea Tree Sheet Masque by Montagne Jeunesse.


The sheet itself is quite cute, actually.

I put it on my face, grabbed a magazine and read myself through the mentioned 10 minutes. After 2 minutes, the scent of the mask was really strong, and so was the effect on my skin. My first reaction, while still wearing it, was: this is the last time I’m using this mask.

But after taking it off, I didn’t rub in the excess serum that was on my face, but took the time to take this photo. When I was ready to rub the serum in, there was no serum left. But wat was left, was a perfect canvas for applying foundation. The famous tacky feeling. This was it!

And indeed, my foundation got on very smoothly, and lasted all day. Definitely changed my mind over this one!

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