Spray away


I’m really into sprays these days. Mainly setting sprays, but also some sprays that just refresh your face at lunch time, or a spray to replace my night cream when I’m just to tired to apply that.

From left to right:

GlamGlow Glowsetter; has such a fine mist you hardly feel it, but delivers! Makeup stays put for hours and hours, and do I see a glow there?

Kat Von D Lock-it setting spray; also a very fine mist, but not as fine as the GlamGlow. Never too wet or too much applied with this one.

Shu Uemura skin purifier refreshing mist; before you put your makeup on, as a setting spray (but I don’t use it for that purpose, because the lady at Shu told me it has oils in it) or to refresh your makeup. The smell is soooo good.

Boscia setting spray; gives your makeup a matte finish. Leaves it like that for hours. Very good product for days when I choose too much dewy products and want to go a bit more matte.


Mac mineralize charged water; nice before using a primer, just to give your face a little hydration. But also very nice to use on hot days, or windy ones, when your skin really needs a pick-me-up.

Mac fix+; we all know this one, right? This is the ‘rose’  one, love the smell, and the product just delivers, I already knew that.

Tarte rainforest of the sea marine boosting mist; good product, but hate the bottle. Or the nozzle. I’m not sure what it is, I’ve really tried everything, but not even the tiniest drop gets out of this one. So I had to pour it in a travel bottle with nozzle, and now I just use that one, but a luxury product like this does not need to be poured in a cheap container like that. The product itself feels very nice on the skin. I use it before and after applying my makeup.


Douglas make up fixer; good setting spray, no spectacular extras, but there are plenty of days when I don’t need or want any extras, just a spray that sets my makeup.

Rimmel insta fix & go; before and after applying makeup. Good product, but the scent is quite heavy.

Ben Nye setting spray matte; hardly no scent at all, sets the makeup very good.

Supergoop! setting mist with spf; wanted to love this, because I could skip my sunscreen before applying makeup this way. But after several attempts, it ended in a drawer, where it lives now. The spray is not okay, not even, and the smell of this product is not my thing either.

Shiseido Ibuki quick fix mist; there’s a reason this bottle is almost empty. It lives on my bedside table. In a week, I’m afraid there are at least 3 nights when I’m already in bed and remember I didn’t put on night cream yet. On nights like that, I go for this product, and it’s the single most comfortable way of moisturising I have ever come across. Absolutely love the smell, too.


La Roche-Posay Serozinc; haven’t used this one yet (sorry…), but I guess it’s a good product for those days when your skin tends to break out.

La Roche-Posay thermal spring water; refresher for whenever you’re feeling hot or in need of a refreshment.

Sukin hydrating mist toner; love the smell, and the hydration of this one is very good, too.

Origins GinZing energy boosting treatment lotion mist; I use this when I get out of bed and need a wake-me-up kind of product. The smell is so refreshing (oranges) and the feel of this product on your skin is kind of awakening, too. But the spray, cringe. I poured some of it into an empty bottle of Urban Decay setting spray, because of the nozzle. The one on the Origins bottle gives a very ‘ pointy ‘ like spray of fluid, so one little part of your face has a wet splash on it, and the rest is dry.

Merci Handy refreshing face mist; just right to throw in a bag and use on the go.

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