Color Tattoo


Maybe you think I’m crazy, but the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows are my go-to’s when I’m participating in a 10K. I know it’s silly to want to wear make-up while working out, but do you know how many pictures are taken when you cross the finish line? Of course, I’m not covered in foundation-highlight-lipstick, but my eyes need to have at least some color to them. And these stay on, no matter what. And I really mean NO matter what. Because running a 10K in the heat? That means sweat, wiping the sweat off your face, and, last but not least, firefighters on the sidewalk cooling the runners with no short amount of water. So, no matter what.


This is my latest addition to the Color Tattoo family, but colorwise, not my favorite. I mean, this does not really stand out, right? So I use it as a base now, like Mac Soft Ochre, and it’s great.

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