Photo bomb


You know that feeling, when you’re watching old pictures and there are strangers in a corner of what was meant to be a family portrait? Well, I had the same feeling with this one for weeks. I don’t know how everybody else does the blogging, but I choose to take multiple pictures, like photographing 15 products at once, and then, in the following days, write the posts. But for some reason, it took me a bit longer to get to this one. Too long to remember the third shade I had swatched. I knew the top and middle shade were single eyeshadows from L’Oréal, but that third one? I had no L’Oréal shadow in that color. Went through so many photos, but could not find the missing eyeshadow. I assumed it was an eyeshadow, because the other two are. Until the day I put on blush.


This is the top shade. L’Oréal Color Riche l’ombre pure matte in 104 La Vie en Rose


The middle shade. L’ombre pure lumiere in 507 Pin Up Pink

And the third shade? While swatching Pin Up Pink I thought it might be a dupe for Nars Orgasm blush. So swatched Orgasm at the bottom. And forgot to wipe it off.

Side note: I didn’t turn out to be a dupe at all.

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