Zoeva brush


Zoeva 103 Defined buffer

I hardly ever buy a brush again, because 1) why would I want two brushes that are exactly the same and 2) almost all of the brushes I own seem to are treated with love, so will stay with me for a lifetime.

Almost all of them. Because a couple of years ago, I was not yet really into gentle brush care. I did wash them regularly, but the way I did….

I used to put the sink full of warm water, like, really hot water. Then, I would throw all of my dirty brushes in so they could really soak. I know, don’t judge me.

The brushes got clean, they sure did. But they got so clean, I even seemed to remove the glue that was in some. Because after a while, like maybe a couple of months, the hairs seem to come out. Not shedding, just the total hair- what do you cal this – piece. This brush was one of those victims. And yes, I also used that technique on my Mac brushes, but they seemed to survive.

Anyway, I had to throw my beloved Zoeva 103 away. And I still had enough buffer brushes, so no hard feelings.

But recently, I saw this on a website and remembered how much I used to love it. Older and wiser, I will now treat it will all the love it deserves. Because this brush is really worth it.

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