Bershka beauty


Bershka eyeshadow palette, blush, eye pencil, bronzer and lipstick


Bershka lip balm and eye pencil


#Believe in stars Intense gel eye liner pencil in 03 Ruby Meteorites and 05 Volcanic Shine, #Kissable Intense creamy lipstick in 11 Wolves Ballet, #Dollscode Silky powder blush in 03 Radiant Lychee and #No sun but tanned Silky bronzing powder in 02 Paradise Hack

All of these products are great. The pencils stay on forever and are really sparkly. The lipstick feels very nice on the lips and smells delicious. The blush and bronzer are, as the description says, very silky. One thing: use a light hand with this blush. A little goes a very long way.


#Eye like kit Multitalented eyeshadow palette in 02 Magnetic Amber

The first shade in this palette, a glitter, is supposed to be a topcoat. Because of that, I was expecting it to be a cream, but it turned out to be a powder glitter that ends up everywhere on your face when you don’t use a primer or glitter glue. My mistake, but good to know. All the other shades are great, blend very good and stay on all day.

I don’t have a swatch of the #Gummy smoothie Flavoured lipbalm crayon in 03 Coquette Dandy, but it smells yummy and is a good balm for in between looks or prepping the lips.

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