Catrice Light correcting serum primer in 010 Candlelight


Catrice All matt plus shine control foundation in 020 Nude Beige


The primer is very thin and has a champagne glow to it. The foundation is quite thick and has a yellow undertone.


Love this primer. I was afraid it might make my face to shiny, which I’m not looking for at all, because I have oily skin. But this is like a veil for your face. So soft. And I’m sure it was of this primer that my foundation still looked good around 8 pm.

The foundation is good, but I was hoping for an even better version of the HD Liquid coverage foundation, and it’s not that good. I love the HD one so much, I got an extra one, just in case Catrice decides to take it out of their line. But this All matt one is not bad. It is indeed matt, but as you can already tell by the swatches, it’s a little on the heavy side. This gives your skin a tacky touch, but still matt. And although how a foundation looks is still more important than the way it feels, it’s too much for me. I want a foundation that feels like it’s not there at all, or at least a little lighter than this one.

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