Pretty, fun and fearless


Ciaté x Chloe Morello Eyeshadow palette – Part 1


I recently bought the second collab, so stay tuned for swatches of those products! Can’t wait to try them, but I have to wait for some decent light (rain, I’m so over you) out here.


Skinny dip, Unconditional, On fire, Queen Bee, Shine bright, Vaycay, My tribe and Be sassy

Love the last two shades. I’m not sure if you can see ‘My tribe’, but for a matte, it’s a great shadow! But of course, all the other shadows are good, too.


Jet setter, Happy, Dainty, Fierce, Flirt, Day dream and Own it.

Out of these seven, Dainty and Own it are my favorites. Jet setter not so much.

Like more of you, this palette didn’t really speak to me in the first place, but when it sold out and came back, I wanted it. No regrets, I use it a lot. Can’t wait to try the second palette!

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