Australis Highlighter palette, eyeshadow palette, contouring palette, concealer, setting spray, pressed powders and a cream eyeshadow


Fake Eye-D eyeshadow palette

Sugar High, Taupe Fedora, Foxy, Dark Skies, Caviar, Starry Night, Smokey Haze and Moss

Paper Doll, Vienna, Midnight, Purple Haze, Khaki, Double Denim and Granite

My favorites: Sugar High (the long swatch on the left), Purple Haze and Khaki

I bought this palette for 3 AUD, that’s like just over 1 euro. There was a big sale that day at Priceline, but I couldn’t believe it would be that cheap. But for real, only 3 AUD!


This palette, the Strobe Lights illuminating powders, was also 3 AUD. But first of all, this palette is a lot smaller, a second, when it comes to pigmentation, I think the eyeshadow palette was a better deal. But nevertheless, these first two shades aren’t that bad.


Metallix Eyeshadow in Gold Gaga

This is the little round pot you see in the first picture.


AC on tour contouring & highlighting kit in Lighter than light complexion

It’s not even that light, if you ask me. There are some great powders in here. And sooo incredibly soft.


Bye-bye blemish concealer in Warm (love the texture, but the coverage is not always what I want it to be) and of course, I had to buy some of the famous Fresh & Flawless pressed powders. The light one is Light Beige, the darker one is Natural. In my opinion, they really are as good as everybody says.

The setting spray smells very nice, I would describe it as roses. But the spray, OMG. It’s way too hard. You have to spray it straight up, and dive under it at least 4 feet lower, this way it will kind of feel like a mist instead of a carwash.

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