Conceal & Define


Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full coverage conceal and contour in C2 and C7

A lot of shades were out of stock, but I thought C2 might be a good match for me. C7 was the next available shade, I bought it just in case C2 might be too light and needed some deeper color to mix it with.


C2 and C7

C2 did turn out to be the right color. I liked how it looked on my skin, but after using the same setting powder I use with all my concealers, it didn’t seem to set at all. When I, very lightly, touched my skin, my finger would almost be beige in full coverage. Why does this concealer transfer so much? I saw some comparisons to the Shape Tape online, and without touching, that could be true. But eventually, I don’t think this is a dupe.

2 thoughts on “Conceal & Define

  1. Too bad they didn’t work as well as you wanted them to! I heard such good things and they’re so affordable. I guess it’s worth a try even if it ends up in the back of the drawer.

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