Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick in 110 Chocolate Reigns and 090 Exotic Nude

Of course, I didn’t just buy eyeshadows. I also bought lipsticks, lipgloss, a primer, mascara, you name it. Here are the lippies I choose from their updated collection.


Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour in 540 Concrete Jungle

Love that this has kind of the same packaging as the matte ones, but, of course, shiny.


Catrice MattLover lipstick pen in 060 Top It With Cinnamon


Catrice Velvet matt lip cream in 080 New York Spice and 010 MidNude Season

Not sure if these lip creams are new, but they are new in my collection!


Exotic Nude, Chocolate Reigns, Concrete Jungle, Top It With Cinnamon, MidNude Season and New York Spice

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