Chi Chi


Chi Chi Liquid lipstick, blush palette, eyeshadow palettes, bronzer palette and foiled eyeshadow creams


Metallic foil eyeshadow in Spice, Pink Nude and Copper

These are stunning. Wish I bought them all, but I cherish these. If I have to choose, Spice is my favorite, but all three are just so beautiful.


Viva la diva Bronzer in Light to medium with Yellow undertones

How good is that? A range of bronzers, not only from light to very dark, but also varying in undertones. Such a good idea!


Super matte liquid lipstick in Oh snap

I really love this color, but the formula not so much. It wears of leaving just a ring of wrongly applied liner (which you didn’t even use!) and it feels kind of dry.


The immaculate ombre brush collection. From left to right:

Greta, Grace, Lauren, Marilyn, Jean, Lana, Marlene, Rita and Bette

This palette is so versatile, I don’t even know where to start. I had this on my list, on top of the list, that is. If I were to find Chi Chi somewhere, and I could buy only one thing, it would be this palette. Yes!

Glamorous Timeless eye shadow palette

The swatches are not outstanding, but these shadows look so good on the eyes!

Glamorous Spices eye shadow palette

And this palette is even better! I love almost all of these colors!

I don’t remember the price exactly, but I think these eye shadow palettes were quite cheap. Would love to have some more!

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