Essence This is me! Nude lipstick with sheabutter in 02 The ocher rocker and 03 Mute nude

Of course, I didn’t buy just two liquid eyeshadows out of all the new Essence products. I also got a lot of new lip products, some glitters, glitter primer, face primers, mascaras and mascara primer, an eyeliner and blush papers. Here, I show you my new lip products.


Mute nude and The ocher rocker

These come in a click system, nice idea. You don’t waste any product, because a single click is just a very small amount.


Draw the line! Instant colour lipliner with sharpener in 14 Catch up red and 01 Sand aside


Catch up red and Sand aside

These have to be the creamiest liners ever. I remember the so called soft liners from the previous product update by Essence, those were anything but soft. These, however, are sooo incredibly smooth. I’m definitely buying more!


Colour boost Vinylicious Liquid lipstick in 02 Nude is the new cute and 04 Woody rosy

I was so happy to find these are not in a squeezy tube, but have an applicator like the L’Oréal ones.


Nude is the new cute and Woody rosy

I wore Nude is the new cute today and decided on the spot I will be buying at least two back-ups. The gloss (I don’t consider it a liquid lipstick) is everything. It has the perfect color, is not sticky at all, feels even more comfortable than a lipbalm. Nothing but love for this product.


Colour up! Shine on! Lipstick in 04 Fudgesicle, 05 Spicy latte and 11 Crème Brûlée


Fudgesicle, Spicy latte and Crème Brûlée

I don’t think ‘Colour up!’ is a good name for these lipsticks, as they are quite sheer. Feel very nice and smell heavenly.

Let me know what product you would like to see next!

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