Essence Loose glitters in 06 Golden nuggets and 07 Holo white out

Essence recently launched a lot of glitters and pigments. Beware when trying out those pigments in store, because they are more than full. I opened it and a lot of pigment was falling out of the bottle. And still, it was full with a little ‘mountain’ on top. Does this make sense? Anyway, I bought some glitters.


Essense Glitter primer in 01 Transparent

This is not transparent. I don’t know if you can tell by the swatches that follow, but the primer has a pink-purple sheen to it. So, maybe it is transparent, as in: you can see through it, it’s not opaque. I guess I meant to say it’s not invisible.


I also got 03 Life of the party and 13 On fire

As with a lot of glitters, these end up everywhere. You take the bottle from the drawer, haven’t opened it yet, but you do already have some glitter on your hands.


So, I hope you can see the pink sheen from the primer.

Left, very tiny glitters, is Holo white out. Next to it, big sextagons, stripes, and very small glitters, is Golden nuggets. Then there’s a lot of coppery glitter, this is On fire. And far right, you see Life of the party.

Left, to show you the color of the biggest glitters, right, to show the sparkles.

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