Essence Cuddly cushion gloss in Honey

So after my initial Essence-haul, I bought some more stuff, and now that I’m writing the post, I can imagine it might be an Essence-overload. So everything that’s left, will be in this post.


Do you see the difference in the amount of product in the first picture and this one? Well, when you take a closer look you can see that the sponge is still clean. So it may look as if I used at least half of the product, but this is how far I had to screw it with still no product coming out of the tube.


Here, you can see the sponge changing, as if the product can come out any moment. But that’s, like, two cm of product! Fortunately, it was a very nice gloss, it’s freezing cold here, now, so I needed a protecting product and this was just what I needed.


I got two more of the Draw the line! lipliners, 05 So un-grey-tful and 07 Undress my lips.


And while I was at it, I also got the Ultra last lipliner in 02 Brick dust. It’s smooth gliding and waterproof (at least, that’s what Essence says).


Brick dust, So un-grey-tful and Undress my lips


Essence Flat powder brush

My new fave for setting foundation, but it’s so good, I even use it to set my undereyes.


Glow to go luminous blush paper in 10 You make me blush and 20 Kissed by the sun


Kissed by the sun and You make me blush

Too glittery for me.


Crystal crush eyeliner in 01 Fearless



Has a very fine tip to it and the color is stunning.


Colour up! Shine on! Lipstick in 10 Rosey Glitz

Already had three of these, but I wanted another one. This seemed like a lovely color.


10 Rosey Glitz

Like the other three, it’s quite sheer.


Longlasting eye pencil in 29 Berry fantastic


Berry fantastic

Not too light, not too dark, very red, very smooth; love this liner.

I hope you like all my new Essence products as much as I do!

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