PS by Primark Micellar cleansing pads

A recent visit to Primark resulted in a little haul. I got some eyeshadow palettes, a couple of single shadows, a cleansing oil (so greasy I got rid of it the next day), some lip products, a powder. Will show it all, of course, starting with these cleansing pads. I love the micellar water by PS for cleaning my arms after swatching. Not on my face, it’s kind of drying, but for my arms, it’s perfect. So when I saw these pads, I thought they would be even more convenient. And they are, but they have the strangest smell ever. The product was still sealed when I got it, so they are new. But they smell like a product that’s 40 years old. At least.


I also got these Deep cleansing facial wipes for normal & combination skin. Last year I got the wipes in the green pack, don’t remember what they were exactly, I’m guessing detoxifying? Anyway, love these, they have a soft smell to them and they clean very good.

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