Makeup Obsession


Single eyeshadows by Makeup Obsession


Do you see that line top left? Start your makeup obsession ? I wish I could end it 🙂 .

Anyway, I got this empty palette one time when ordering something else. I thought it was just like a Z-palette, you know, magnetic, but unfortunately it could only fit its own eyeshadow pans. So I had to order those, of course.


Top left is a highlighter (Flame), all the other pans are eyeshadows.

Top: Ibiza, Bone and Coconut crème (not sure why this has ‘Obsess’ while the others have a star)

Middle: Tawny, New York, Mink and Celeste

Bottom: St Tropez, Midnight black, Mood and Wanderlust


Bone, Mink, Mood, Coconut crème, Celeste and Wanderlust

I’m not blown away by these six mattes.


Flame, Tawny, St Tropez, Ibiza, New York and Midnight black

Love all of these last six shades. Safe to say they saved the palette.


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