Zoeva 232 Luxe Classic Shader

This is my second 232. I use it so much, that I can’t even put my make-up on anymore when this is drying from washing it, so I had to get a back-up.

What is it about this brush? Whenever I want to put some color on the lid, I go for this brush. No mather what brand, color or texture I choose, this packs in on really good. Touch the pan with this brush and it picks up so much product at once, it’s amazing.

The bristles are soft but dense, and stay exactly like this, even after fifty times of washing. And I don’t really use a light hand when washing my brushes. White bristles have to be white again.


Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader

I was wondering if this brush could be just as good. It’s a tiny bit smaller than the 232, but also a little bit denser. And I think that’s the reason I still prefer the 232 over the 234. The 234 almost feels like it’s made to use with cream products.

But overall, I’m a big fan of Zoeva brushes.

And eyeshadow palettes.

And eyepencils.

And …

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