La Roche-Posay


Little La Roche-Posay haul

My skin is a bit sensitive lately, with the occasional breakout. Looking for a good, but not overly expensive product, I decided to go for La Roche-Posay. I have been using their lipbalm forever, and my friend uses their Cicaplast hand cream to death. Both are great.

I ordered the Effaclar micellar water; love it, has a nice smell, too. It takes off any residue without any effort.

Lipikar stick; immediate relief from scratching. This stuff works, honestly!

Effaclar H hydrating cleansing cream; I use this after a cleansing oil. Cleans deep, but feels very soft.

Lipikar shower gel; does not really have a smell to it, does the job and that’s about it.

And on the left you see a sample, but I don’t really use that, as I find about every hydrating cream too greasy.

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