LA Splash UD Wings Waterproof eyeliner mousse in Medusa

Prettiest eyeliner ever! And stays on for days. I guess. Have not tried it.

Medusa is like a dark burgundy.

I don’t really understand why LA Splash would call this a mousse, I think it’s more of a gel. It’s probably the most pigmented item in my entire collection and once it’s dry, it will not come off. Like, very hard to remove. I don’t mind, because that means it will not move either when my eyes get watery (hello, wind!) or when I accidentally rub them. Love, love, love this product. I’m now waiting for it’s sister, in a lighter kind of pink, to arrive at my door. And I think the black one will also be added to my collection. LA Splash, can you please make more colors? Thank you.

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